Tuesday, June 6

Coup plot trial: Witness quizzed after testimony

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Following his reappearance at the High Court in Banjul yesterday, State Counsel A.M. Yusuf asked Mr Jatta whether he had anything to tell the court regarding the trial. In response, Mr Jatta told the court that he had recorded conversations between him and Sanna on his phone before he was visited by Sanna.

He added that it was the same phone he had left with the investigators that he saw on Tuesday before the court.

The witness, thus, ended his testimony and faced Counsel L.S. Camara for cross-examination. Beginning his process, the defence lawyer borrowed exhibit P11 (purported operational plan) and court logs.

“How long have you been at the Gambia National Army,” he asked the witness, who said 20 years and some months.

Moving further the witness also confirmed to the defence counsel that he was indeed well trained, familiar with military and that he was also seniors to the accused person Sanna Fadera.

The witness was also quizzed on whether he was familiar with the military terms used, and the military formations in the army, but he said he was not familiar with all.

Proceeding, he acknowledged knowing that Lance Corporal Sanna Fadera was a low ranker in the military, was not even an officer, and the maximum number of men he could move were was six known together as a Fire Team.

Counsel Camara asked whether a lance corporal had command responsibilities, to which the witness reacted saying that “he or she does have command responsibilities and also has responsibility to control those under him”.