Wednesday, November 30

Covid-19 patients starve despite D6M approved feeding

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According to our impeccable anonymous source, the patients were left without food the whole day.

The source said: “No food for Covid-19 patients. Yes, both Sanitorium and Ndemban. No breakfast, no lunch, no dinner.”

Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) began supplying three square meals to the patients at the Covid-19 centers the day after patients were left starving.

“The hospital restarted supplying the patients after a long while it has been reported due to debts the ministry owes the institution.

An incident of this nature when patients will not be served food happened occasionally” our source said.

The Point understands that the Health Ministry on a number of occasions failed to pay vendors and restaurant owners, leading to food shortage for the patients.

Once vendors do not receive their payment they would stop food supply and the ministry would contract another food vendor.

EFSTH had initially stopped supplying the recovery centers due to debt the ministry owed the institution before restarting supply over the weekend.

The Health Ministry has reportedly approved D6 million for food to serve Covid-19 patients, however, the ministry allegedly failed to disburse the cash.

It is understood that an arrangement was made among those at the Sanatorium to provide snacks for the patients when the ministry left the patients to starve.

A family member of a patient said, “imagine no food from morning till night and only snacks were brought in. It frustrated me so much.”

It is not clear if the hospital will continue providing food for the patients while the ministry keeps owing them as well as failing to be responsible enough to disburse the funds meant for provisions for the Covid-19 patients.

“It is utterly unacceptable that covid-19 patients go hungry. It is unimaginable.”