Saturday, April 1

CRR farmer challenges Gambians to grow what they eat

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Musa Sonko, a farmer has called on Gambians to go back to land and grow what they eat in order to eliminate hunger in the country.

According to him, farming is one of the fastest economic earning and hunger reduction mechanisms. Musa Sonko cultivated over two hectares rice field in Bush Town village, Sami District, Central River Region North.

Rice is the staple food of The Gambia with a per caput consumption of 117kg per annum of which only 17% is produced locally.

Almost all Gambian families consume rice on a daily basis, with the price of a bag of rice becoming unaffordable for poor Gambians nowadays, the committed and hard working farmer has called on Gambian to embrace growing what we eat, especially rice.

He stated that rice can be grown not only in swampy areas but also on upland ‘(‘banta faros’), saying he does it by using a donkey.

He added that farmers can use their machines, donkeys, horses and cows to grow rice as they do with maize, groundnut, early millet (coos) and other crops.

He noted that he was able to do it without any assistance and therefore called on farmers to also take up rice cultivation.

He noted that with the technical advice of Agricultural experts supported by seeds, fertiliser and tools, he could have cultivated a bigger farm.

He therefore called on the government to come to his aid to cultivate a bigger farm next year.