Monday, October 3

CRR farmers: Crop season could be a failure

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Farmers in the Central River Region (CRR) are concerned that this year’s crop season could be a failure amid lack of rain.

Farmers used to sow their crops either in mid, end of June or early July yearly. However, this year has been very different with many crops on the verge of dying due to prolonged drought after sowing first seeds.

Our correspondent who visited some farms said some farmers were yet to sow their crops because of lack of rain.

According to him, some farmers have lost their groundnut seedlings as it took too much time for the rainfall. Some crops have dried up at their infant stage and some did not germinate at all while animals suffer for lack of feeding, our correspondent said.

The Point has learned that grasses are drying, leaving animals without feed.

According Musa Jallow, a farmer at Tankong Kunda, “this year is serious and threatening for farmers” adding that he sows more than 30-seeder of groundnut and the ones that germinated died because of low rainfall.

According to him, most did not germinate as expected, saying and he spent a lot on the farm.

Mawdo Baldeh, a shepherd also expressed worry about the rainy season, saying cows and other animals are suffering because hays which were kept for animals had finished and there is no grass for them to graze.

He said some animals are dying of hunger.             

Farmers called for an alternative, saying without government intervention there will be a disaster for some farmers this year as two months have gone into the rainy season without any hope of a successful rainy season this year.

According to some their season has already failed as farming is their only source of survival.

Samba Waan, a native of Changai Torro, said they never experienced such drought. According to him, most of the people in his community have not sowed their crops yet with August just at the corner.

Moli Baldeh of Konkoduma in Sami District, said his farm was doing well but his crops are now dying as a result of the drought.