Sunday, February 5

CRR farmers selling groundnut to local dealers

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Some farmers in Central River Region (CRR) say they prefer to sell their groundnut to local dealers than government purchasing points.

According to them, this is because local dealers are purchasing a bag of groundnut at a better price than the government.

They stated that local dealers purchase a bag of groundnut at two thousand three hundred dalasis while the government purchases a bag of groundnut at two thousand two hundred dalasis or less.

They added that local dealers will come to their houses where they will purchase the groundnut from them, therefore saving them the cost of transportation.

Essa Danso, a farmer and native of Tankong Kunda in Sami District, Central River Region north, said he would not sell his groundnut to government because of the price gap between them and local dealers.

“Local dealers save us expenditure, time, labour and buy the bag at a better price. Therefore I will sell my groundnut to them,” he explained.

He accused The Gambia government and Ministry of Agriculture of not valuing the welfare of farmers, saying the government could have bought a bag of groundnut from them at a better price considering the high cost of fertiliser this year.

According to him, he recently sold a bag of groundnut to a local dealer at two thousand four hundred dalasi without stepping out of his compound or paying transport.

He claimed that if local dealers are able to purchase a bag of groundnut between two thousand three hundred dalasis and two thousand five hundred dalasis, then the government should be able to purchase it at a better price.

Bukary Sidibeh, also a farmer, said farming is difficult, expensive and requires hard labour, noting that the government should therefore purchase a bag of groundnut at a price that matches the efforts of farmers.

He added that government should have sympathy for farmers and not take advantage of them.

Alhagie K. Bah, a native of Niamina Kalikajera appealled to the government to empower farmers in order to encourage them continue the trade. He added that they cannot sell their groundnut at a loss after purchasing fertiliser at a high price.

Pateh Jallow, a native of Tandi Bara, said it is disappointing that local dealers are purchasing a bag of groundnut at a better price than government.