Saturday, September 30

CRR: Immigration officers involve in altercation

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Two Gambia Immigration officers in the Central River Region (CRR) were last Saturday morning involved in a physical altercation while one of them was in uniform at Wassu Police Station.
Our reporter who was an eyewitness to the incident said the two officers heavily exchanged blows with one of them sustaining injuries.

Civilian eye witnesses including vendors, drivers, shopkeepers and other passers-by separated them while other officers watched without any intervention.

One eye witness expressed disappointment with the misconduct of the officers, saying they acted like they are not professionally trained.

She said the officers should be arrested and charged with public misconduct.

The Station Officer for the Police Station was not present at the time of the incident but returned shortly after and started asking what happened.

The officer who was not in uniform was identified as Danso. It was alleged that he wanted to enter the office to charge his mobile phone but the other officer in uniform refused and punched him. That was when the fight broke between them.

Danso said in the presence of an eye witness that, “I wanted to charge my mobile phone but he refused and pushed me. When I tried to pass he started beating and fighting me.”