Tuesday, March 21

Cuba congratulates The Gambia on occasion of 58th Independence anniversary

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In a letter, sent through the embassy of the Caribbean island here, Díaz-Canel stressed to Barrow that the occasion is propitious to ratify his will to strengthen relations of friendship and collaboration between their respective peoples and governments.

Both dignitaries have highlighted the very positive ties of brotherhood, solidarity and cooperation that unite the two countries, and in this sense the Cuban president extended an invitation to the Gambian head of state last October to visit the oldest Caribbean archipelago.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the largest of the Antilles, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, conveyed a similar congratulatory message to his colleague, Foreign Minister Mamadou Tangara, on the occasion of the new anniversary of the Independence of this West African country.

In his text, Rodríguez Parrilla reiterated to Tangara Cuba’s desire to intensify the historic ties of friendship and collaboration with The Gambia.