Friday, December 2

Cuba expresses deep gratitude to Gambia for its solidarity

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Banjul, Sep 27 – Cuba expressed deep gratitude to Gambia for the solidarity of this African nation with the Caribbean island, reiterated by President Adama Barrow in his speech at the high-level session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). -77).

In an official note yesterday from the Diplomatic Mission of the largest of the Antilles here, its Ambassador Rubén G. Abelenda highlighted the immense gratitude of his government and people for the support of Gambia for Cuba in the fight it is waging against the blockade that US imposes.

Barrow, in his speech last Thursday at UNGA-77, urged Washington to lift the prolonged blockade on the island, arguing that global solidarity and friendly cooperation should define relations between the member states of the United Nations.

Following these words by the president of this sister West African country at the UN headquarters in New York, the Caribbean Diplomat wrote on his Twitter account @AmbassadorCuba: “Thank you very much #Gambia for your always solidarity with #Cuba.”

In another tweet released this Tuesday, Abelenda also stressed that the United States once again has the opportunity to put an end to the siege it maintains against the dean Antillean archipelago, and thus comply with the repeated calls of the international community to lift it definitively, at a time when Cubans are battered by intense Hurricane Ian.