Tuesday, March 21

Cuban Medical Brigade in Gambia rejects new US aggression

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“Only with a high degree of demagogy and shamelessness can the United States government continue to classify the island as an alleged sponsor of terrorism, above all, knowing the harmful impact of this slander on the well-being of the Cuban people,” said Carlos Fernández of Cassio. Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This decision by the Joe Biden administration is fallacious and cynical, without foundation and it only serves to justify the application of the criminal and illegal blockade to our solidarian island, an alibi to continue applying its strategy of economic and political strangulation with which it tries to make us give up.

The Cuban health collaborators in The Gambia will never give up, we will continue fighting for our achievements, and we demand the end of the blockade, the lifting of sanctions and coercive measures, and the US withdrawal from the illegal Guantanamo naval base.

There’s no giving up here.

Long live the Cuban Revolution!