Tuesday, June 6

Cubans in Gambia celebrate May 1st with enthusiasm and call for Unity

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Health professionals who heal and save lives in this West African nation staged a colorful parade to accompany those that are taking place today throughout the largest of the Antilles. 

At the beginning of the emotional activity, and after singing the notes of the National Anthem, communiqués and texts full of Cubanness were read in greeting to May Day, in which the members of the BMC insisted that the Unity of their compatriots, wherever they are, it is vital to achieve the final victory against the blockade and the attacks suffered by their people. 

In this sense, they demanded an end to the economic, commercial and financial siege that the United States has imposed on it for more than 60 years, and demanded Washington to remove Cuba from its spurious list of countries that sponsor terrorism. 

In the same way, they congratulated all the workers of The Gambia, and expressed that the doctors, graduates and technicians of the BMC will continue helping this grateful and also supportive African nation as long as it is necessary. 

There was no lack of memories of the martyrs and heroes of Cuba, and, of course, the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, the greatest worker and defender of the workers of the oldest Antillean archipelago. 

Also in other regions of the Gambian geography where they provide their health services, the members of the BMC held special morning meetings on the occasion of May Day.