Thursday, September 21

D14. 9M Basse ring-road project on course

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Following the successful completion of the new Basse Market, which has been in full operation since, the government of The Gambia, through The Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, has awarded another contract of 14.9 million dalasis for the construction of the Basse ring road, covering the market area, the police station and the garage.

The construction, which is on, is expected to be ready by the end of August, 2022. The ring road will have drainage as well for the smooth flow of rain water into the Basse River.

During a site visit to the project on Thursday, 19 July 2022 by members of the Project Steering Committee, Matarr Ceesay, director of Technical Services, Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, explained that the construction of the Basse ring road came about following an appeal made by the people of Basse to the President during the opening of the Basse Market.

Director Ceesay described the project as an important infrastructural development stride, such that when completed, would make the landscape of Basse look more beautiful, and help in delivery of goods along the Market faster.

“The project is a concrete pavement. This will make the road more durable as we all know that the history of rain waters in Basse,” he said.

He expressed his satisfaction that the project is going on smoothly as planned despite some challenges in the past,

James Furumus Gomez, senior project manager, Gamworks, reiterated that his office would always partner with government for the construction of the much needed infrastructural projects across the country.

He told the meeting that the project was going well as all the materials such as cement, basalt and sand were all available on site.

Ousman Ceesay, deputy permanent secretary, Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, chaired the meeting.