Friday, September 22

D450 Eyedrops Solution At Malak Chemist Goes for D900 At Stop Step Pharmacy –

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By: Momodou Justice Darboe & Binta Jaiteh

An investigation conducted by The Voice has revealed that Malak Chemist and Stop Step Pharmacy are selling the same eyedrops solution at D450 and D900 respectively.

As of yesterday, Dorzolamide/Timololeyedrops solution was trading at D450 at Malak Pharmacy on Kairaba Avenue while it was traded at D900 at Stop Step Pharmacy on Kombo Sillah Drive in Serekunda.

This particular type of eyedrops was said to be scarce and sources said some pharmacies such as Stop Step have been cashing in on the situation.

The Voice was reliably informed that some pharmacies were taking advantage of the relatively low price of the eyedropssolution at Malak Chemist to hike the price.

On Tuesday, the same eyedrop solution was reportedly selling at Stop Step at D1000.

But when The Voice went on undercover investigation at the pharmacy on Thursday, it discovered that the solution was sold at D900.

When contacted on their official line, The Voice was informed that the prices of drugs and medicines are usually determined by the time and place they’re acquired.

“One thing I know of…it depends on how you purchase your drugs around what point in time. And, where do you get it also matters,” he said.

Be as it may, the huge difference between the prices of Dorzolamide/Timololeyedrops at the different pharmacies has left customers talking.

“This is daylight robbery,” one of them said.

“The difference is just so huge to be understood by anyone,” said another.

Another irate customer said:“Stop Step Pharmacy needs to convince us as to why the huge difference. This is just unfathomable.”