Saturday, December 3

Danger: Jabang football field just three meters away from highway

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Danger: Jabang football field just three meters away from highway

By Sang Donal Mendy

Jabang sandy football pitch is just three meters off the main highway. The closeness of the field to the busy road remains unsafe for both fans and players with danger always looming.

Last month, while a fan was crossing to watch a match a car knocked him and he nearly lost his life after sustaining injuries.

Lamin Kinteh, Public Relation Officer of Jabang emphasized that the situation is not the best as the road has taken some of the stadium land.

” Definitely the field is not a standard field as of now. It was a standard field previously , but during the construction of the road, some part of the portion touches the field.” He stressed.

The sport committee continues to call on both the Ministry of Youth and sports as well as Forestry to help them relocate to another area around jabang forest for the safety of football lovers.

“We even went to the Ministry of Youths and Sport and explained to them that right now we don’t have a standard field and there is a reserve land in jabang if they can help us to have a standard field.They told us they will work on it but up to now we have not heard from them,” Lamin mentioned.

“We have complaints from drivers that if games are on, we should contact the police to mount check-points so that if the vehicles are coming they will slow down,”

“The location of the field is a challenge for the committee and they are trying their level best to make sure that players, fans and spectators are safe when they are on the football field.” He concluded