Monday, March 27

Darboe announces UDP reps in collation centres to avoid election fraud

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Speaking to his supporters at Gunjur, the veteran politician on Saturday stated that in the coming local government elections, his party must show President Adama Barrow and his people that Gambians have rejected him and that whatever he planned wouldn’t work.

“I admit that UDP did some mistakes in the presidential election when we didn’t have people at the collation centres. We are going to have a representative at all the collation centres so that nobody cooks up any figure or gives wrong information to the people regarding our own votes,” he said.

He assured his supporters that the act is not going to happen at all, adding that what happened in the Kuntaur Area Council chairmanship election is not going to happen again by swapping UDP’s votes with that of GDC.

He emphasized that his party will make sure all the votes are properly tabulated and counted.

He said if what they is diffrent from the president’s total, they will announce their own results.

“We know that the Gambian people will take what is announced by the people’s representatives,” Darboe expressed optimism, saying: “Our party is built on the tripod of justice, peace and progress. Where there is injustice in any country, certainly there will be no peace and where there is no peace, there can’t be progress.”

He concluded that the people’s conduct should be guided by justice so that the country can create a protected civil society to work for the progress of the country.