Tuesday, September 26

Darboe Decries Gambia’s ‘Shrinking’ Media Space

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By: The Voice Reporter

The Secretary-General of the UDP has hinted that freedom of press and expression are under attack in The Gambia.

According to Hon. Darboe, the press is being gradually stifled by the Barrow administration, citing what, he called, the threats against King FM and Kerr Fatou media outlets.

He expressed concern over the government’s treatment of the two outlets, likening it to deprivation.

Addressing Gambians on Wednesday on the occasion of the 27thanniversary of the founding of the UDP, Darboe vowed that UDP legislators will not relent in supporting press freedom in parliamentary discourses. 


The UDP leader expressed his party’s commitment to ushering in a constitution that will give more power to the National Assembly to scrutinize political appointments.

Darboe asserted that the appointments of IGP and other key appointments should be subjected to parliamentary approval.


Lawyer Darboe described the revelations contained in audit reports and other corrupt practices attributed to the Barrow administration as concerning. 


He said competent and trusted people should be appointed to IEC positions. 


Darboe called for more investment in the agriculture sector.

“We must invest in agriculture,” he emphasized. 

Road Infrastructure

The UDP SG also spoke about the condition of roads in The Gambia and called for more investment in improving the state of the country’s roads.

Reliance on Senegalese Electricity

Hon. Darboe expressed the need for Gambia to wean itself off the Senegalese electricity as he called for the introduction of sustainable power generation initiatives. 

 “We cannot continue to rely on Senelec,”he pointed out. 


The veteran opposition leader advised the Barrow administration to reign in inflation and stabilize the Gambian economy.