Friday, July 30

Darboe lavishes praise on Eye Africa

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The UDP leader and flagbearer was speaking at the UDP rally at Njaba Kunda in NBR on Saturday, where Eye Africa TV was the only media house that covered the event.

Mr. Darboe said: “I want to thank Eye Africa for their presence. All the media houses were written to informing them we’re holding a meeting. Even if UDP did not write to any media house informing them, any UDP meeting is national news.

“Any political party’s meeting is news worthy. Media houses shouldn’t wait to be invited at any political gathering but even GRTS, which is a state media and are paid with taxpayers’ money, do not even come to our meeting even when we invited them.”

“But Eye Africa, a private institution is doing a public service by covering our meetings live. I am not asking GRTS to come and cover our meetings live but they must come and cover our meeting just like the ones they go and cover at state house. Our meetings are more news worthy than that of the NPP.”

Ousainou Darboe also stated in the meeting that strengthening and developing the healthcare system, education and agriculture are their top priorities when they take over the leadership in the country.

“Our policies at the UDP are we respect human capital and we would not want people spending lot of money to buy drugs. The healthcare system in the country should be strengthened and UDP will do that together with education and agriculture sectors for Gambians.”

According to him, if Gambians vote for the UDP, amongst their priorities would be to stop the importation of rice by promoting farming in the country.