Monday, December 4

‘Darboe sacrificed life for Gambia’

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Speaking in an interview with our reporter, Danso condemned those who say Darboe is old and should not contest for the next presidential election.

He stated that Lawyer Darboe has sacrificed his life, wealth, knowledge, time and experience for The Gambia over the years and deserves to contest for the 2026 presidential elections if he wishes.

According to him, those saying that Darboe should not contest the election want to divide the UDP and are Gambia’s enemies.

He added that leadership is not about age but vision, commitment and love for country.

Danso also claimed that Daboe has never misused Gambia’s resources and will therefore make a great president. He further said that Darboe does not also encourage tribalism as he sees all tribes in the country as one Gambian people.

“Darboe stood for The Gambia against dictatorship for 22 years,” he also said.