Tuesday, May 30

Darboe urges Gambians to vote wisely

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On Saturday, Gambians across the country will go to the polls to elect their candidates to run the day-to-day affairs of our local government councils. This is expected to be a tight race between the ruling party and the leading opposition UDP.

During the just concluded councillorship elections, the ruling party dominated most seats in the rural area while the UDP massively won the urban settlements. 

The long-time opposition leader called on all Gambians to show up at their respective polling stations and vote for their Chairpersons and Mayors. He says his party militants have a big job and responsibility ahead next week, adding that it’s the moment the country chooses its leaders of the councils. 

“As Gambians, we have to think wisely before next week to know who to vote for,” he appealed, saying: “I am optimistic that you will vote for the right persons that fulfilled their promises. Our candidates have done a great job in their various councils and we want that to continue for the betterment of the councils.” 

He added: “The work of our candidates Rohey Malick Lowe, Talib Bensouda, Landing Sanneh, Foday Danjo, and Malamin Bojang is a testimony. You should also know that Yankuba Darboe, Malick Sowe and Alhagie Sillah are in a group of hardworking people. On election day, we want everyone with a voter’s card to exercise his/her rights.” 

Darboe urged rural settlers who stay in the Kombos to return to their respective destinations and vote. He emphasised that the reason his party lost many councillor seats in the rural area is due to the poor turnout of militant voters. 

“Let that never happen to you again and don’t allow anyone to influence you to sell your vote,” he further appealed.