Thursday, October 6

Darboe urges voters not to sell their votes

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Emphasising and making them understand how important their voter’s card is, Darboe said “I am pleading with you all not to sell your voter’s cards to anyone; don’t allow yourselves to be deceived by anyone giving you money to vote for them.
Darboe, who was speaking a rally at Bati Ndara, Upper Saloum said: “I want to let you know, Darboe said, he who truly wants to work for you and solve the daily problems here in Upper Saloum wouldn’t give you money and ask you to vote for him.”
Darboe further posited that: “I was told there was never a project brought here all the years that you were giving your votes to APRC, and for many years you’ve been voting for Hamat Bah nothing changed as well so why not try and see what UDP has for you since all those parties you’ve been voting for deceived you”.
Here in Bati, Darboe said “Hamat Bah told you that the tractor given to you by Yahya Jammeh was taken away from you by myself and that is never true. I was not the president nor the minister of agriculture so how and why would I take that tractor from you,” Darboe questioned.
According to Darboe, “Hamat Bah said that only to stain my name and give you false information against me. It’s been over three years now since I left Barrow’s government, so why didn’t they bring you back that tractor when they have the power in government to do it,” he queried again.
He further explained to them that the government couldn’t give them back that tractor because they sold it and said that the commission gave them the authority to do so. “Mr. Bah, if you want to retain and sustain your party, tell people the truth and not to be feeding them with false information against me”.
“They are worried knowing that Gambians have shown them their backs. They are saying all sorts of things to stain Ousainou Darboe’s name but from Adama Barrow to the last person in cabinet knows my personality that I don’t involve in anything against the interest of Gambians,” Darboe stated.
Mr. Darboe said the minister of Tourism and Culture, Hamat N.K. Bah sold his party NRP to Adama Barrow for his selfish interest and pocket.
“Hamat Bah made you merchandise and sold you to NPP for his selfish interest and such a person does not deserve to be campaigned for and I believe come December 4th, Upper Saloum will choose their president who’s not Adama Barrow.”