Tuesday, December 5

‘Darboe will be UDP’s standard bearer in 2026’

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Sabally provided an answer to the million dollar question about who will lead the party in the next election, during the official launching of Road to 2026 Family Group on Sunday.

Economy specialist and UDP Campaign Manager Sabally reiterated that the party remains the same, with the same colour, the same ambition under the same leadership ahead of the election in 2026.

“There is only one leader and that is the people’s president His Excellency the Honourable Lawyer Ousainnu Numukunda Darboe,” Sabally reaffirmed. 

“It is the agenda that is sold but a leader is selected by the people,” he added.

He continued: “Who is the leader, the flagbearer? His Excellency the Honourable Ousainu Numukunda Darboe for 2026,” Sabally revealed to a cheering crowd. 

He thus urged people to vote for Ousainu Darboe, as he described him as the “next president of the Republic of the Gambia under the UDP ticket.” 

It remains to be seen how sections of the party members will receive the news of Darboe leading the party in their quest for the seat of power at No.1 Marina Parade in Banjul. 

As UDP prepares for the next election cycle, questions have been asked about the leadership of the party particularly who should be the standard bearer. 

Some party sympathisers are of the view that the Secretary General and party leader Lawyer Ousainu Darboe should step aside and serve as an advisor to a younger standard bearer for the party. 

Others even tipped the Mayor of Kanifing Municipality Talib Ahmed Bensounda as a possible standard bearer for the 2026 general elections. 

However, if anything is to go by Campaign Manager Sabally’s revelations, it is safe to say that the veteran lawyer and party leader Darboe will lead UDP in an attempt to unseat President Barrow through the ballot box in 2026.