Thursday, December 7

DCD trains SRPEP Management Committee on good governance and accountability in CRR North

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By: HarunaKuyateh

The Central River Region North became the latest to receive the Small Ruminant Production Enhancement Project (SRPEP) training conducted by the Department of Community Development (DCD).

This was jointly funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the government of The Gambia to the tune of $26.81 was centered on governance, management of water facilities and pastureland to boost small ruminants’ production. 

The main objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of livelihoods of rural and peri-urban communities in the Gambia by strengthening the productivity and resilience of the production system and stimulating entrepreneurship in the livestock sector. The training was held in Wassu and Njau. 

However, the Community Development Office Kuntaur in Central River Region North in partnership with the Small Ruminant Production Enhancement Project last week wrapped up the three-capacity training for 41 beneficiary farmers on group governance, management of water facilities, and pastureland to boost small ruminants’ production. 

Speaking at the training both at Wassu and Njau, Alasan Minteh, Principal Community Development Officer for Programmedescribed capacity development as crucial in strengthening community structures to promote good governance and management of project activities. 

He noted that the mandate of the Department of Community Development on the implementation of the Small Ruminant Production Enhancement Project is to build capacities of groups, to enable communities to put up the right structures to enhance effective management. 

The Principal Community Development Officer stressed that capacity building of groups within the project intervention areas, aimed at ensuring that beneficiaries advocate and promote governance as a reference point to ensure active participation and transparency of day-to-day operations to the wider community. 

Tombong Keita,, Community Development Officer for CRR North said the capacity development aimed to enhance better management of water facilities or drinking points in Upper Badibou and Sabach Sanjal to promote the health and well-being of beneficiary communities. 

However, he said the training will facilitate the establishment of a management sub-committee, building their capacity in terms of governance as well as roles and responsibilities for the sustainability of the facilities.

He said the mandate of the Department of Community Development is to support local structures in terms of building human capital which is essential in the management of facilities. 

Samba Camara, Assistant Regional Livestock Officer and Mustapha Jawo Focal Point Small Ruminant Production Enhancement Project in Central River Region North described the intervention of the project as crucial in empowering farmers to increase small ruminants breeding. The duo said the capacity development would contribute to enhancing social mobilization and promote good governance among groups to ensure proper management and information sharing. 

The officers expressed the need for effective management of water drinking and pasture farms to promote the health and nutrition of animals. 

They however called FAO to complete the installation of water safety tanks, and laying of the pipes for three drilled boreholes by Adapting to Agriculture Climate Change in Gengi Wollof of Lower Saloum, Ngunta of Niani, and Ndem Faye of SAMI

Horja Ceesay of Jimbala in Lower Saloum spoke highly of the boreholes while highlighting the Reneru cluster water drinking facilities and the beneficiary communities which include ReneruWollof, Reneru Fula, Njalal Fula, and Tabani of Sami district and Pasture farms include Jamal Musa Pasture farm in SAMI and Ndowen Pasture farm in Niani. And also Njalal Samba Water Facility of Niani. Jimbala water facility cluster at Lower Saloum and Bati Jaha of Nianija Pasture farm