Saturday, January 28

Dead Body Wrapped in cloth Discovered in Brusubi

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By Mustapha Jarju

The Gambia Police Force has reported the discovery of an unknown dead body in Brusubi, West Coast Region in the early hours of Thursday, 1st December 2022.

Confirming this incident which the information was earlier received by this medium, the Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the Gambia Police Force Superintendent Binta Jatta Njie indicated that one guy reported a case of a dead body that he found at the Brusubi Police Station.

According to the guy, PRO Njie said, he told the police that he found the body in his uncle`s compound where they went to clear (cutting the trees and removing the rubbishes) the compound).

PRO Njie said the boys while clearing the compound came across this dead body wrapped in a cloth with a chain in a long traveling bag at the boys’ quarters of the compound. She said police officers were sent to the scene together with Medical Doctors upon receiving this information.

“We couldn’t identify the body because it already getting rotten and the body is at the Mortuary as the police continue with their investigation to identify the body or know his relatives and the cause of his death,” PRO Njie stated.

PRO Njie said how long the body has been kept in that compound cannot confirm yet but what they have gathered so far is that people who went to that building are the ones who realized that there was a rotten human body in that building and reported the matter to the Police.

“Even those who found the body cannot confirm for how long the body was kept in the building, so we cannot say anything about that as of now” she answered a question from the reporters.

The PRO also confirmed the arrest of a man over the case of a taxi driver from Bakau who went missing some days back. The arrestee, she said is a person who the family of the said taxi driver suspected to be the person they saw their relative (the taxi driver) with the day he went missing.

Added that it is the guy the family said they suspected hearing him speaking with on the issue of a taxi around Brusubi.

“The police are investigating these two cases, and the person arrested is helping the police to know the reasons behind the missing taxi driver,” she stated.