Wednesday, November 30

Department of Forestry, Dryland Forests present anti-firefighting equipment to communities in NBR

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By: HarunaKuyateh

Department of Forestry in partnership with the Community Based Sustainable Dryland Forest Management has provided anti-fire fighting equipment and materials to various communities in North Bank Region (NBR).

The presentation ceremony was in appreciation of the efforts their communities have taken to protect Community Forests (CFs) and Joint Forest Park Management (JFPM) against bushfires and illegal activities.

The presentation was held in Kerewan North Bank Region.

Modoulamin Jaiteh Director of Forestry said the day was used to recognise the efforts of Community Forests and Joint Forests Park Management Committees for the protection of forests against bushfires.

He disclosed that Badibous has 16% of forest and therefore called on communities to work with the Department of Forestry to establish Community Forest.

Director Jaiteh thanked FAO for their support to the Department of Forestry in the quest to restore lost forest cover and mitigate the effect of climate change.

Governor Lamin Saidykhan underscored the government’s commitment to supporting the restoration and preservation of forest cover against illegal logging and bushfire.

The Governor described the presentation of the firefighting equipment, cooking pots, pedal bicycles, and milling machine, which would enhance motivation and commitment to protecting the forest.

NBR Governor presented a coos milling machine, cooking pot, 4 pedal bicycles, 5 rakes, and 5 cutlasses to the management of Bakindick Community Forest for their outstanding contribution to forest protection.

Bakary B Jarju Regional Forestry Officer challenged communities to be vigilant and proactive to protect the forest and farmland against bushfires. He thanked stakeholders and communities for their support in the planting of trees.

The anti-bushfire tools would enhance capacity and coordination.

Malamin IL Bojang, the Chairman of Kerewan Area Council called for a change of attitude to forest management while he thanked the Joint Forest Park Managements and the Community Forests for their commitment.

Chief Fabala Fadia Kinteh of Lower Badibou assured of his district authority’s fullest support to the fight against bushfire and illegal logging.

Momodou Jallow President of Dobo Joint Forest Park Management Committee hailed the leadership support from chief AlagieJagne of Central Badibou to address bushfires and illegal activities. He described the intervention of 4H Gambia in fencing and provision of a borehole at the park and constant surveillance protected the park from bushfires for 10 years.

Kaddy Ceesay of Bakindick Community Forest thanked the Forestry for the capacity enhancement and noted that the materials would boost fire fighting and social activities.

The beneficiary community forests include Bakindick – which received a milling machine, cooking pot, 4 bicycles, 5 rakes, and cutlasses, Bassick, too – received a cooking pot, 4 bicycles, 5 rakes, and cutlasses, Aljamdou 1 cooking pot, 3 bicycles, 5 rakes and cutlasses, Kani Kunda Tenda 1 cooking pot, 3 bicycles, 5 rakes and cutlasses, Suwareh Kunda cooking pot, 3 bicycles, 5 bicycles and cutlasses, Joint Forest Park Management includes Dobo Forest Park received 6 bicycles, 7 rakes, and cutlasses, Jalabiro Forest Park 4 bicycles, 9 rakes and cutlasses and Lowen Forest Park 4 bicycles and cutlasses.