Wednesday, September 28

Deputy Speaker Njie urges Gambians to inculcate sense of patriotism

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The deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Seedy S.K. Njie, said as citizens of this country, “we must redouble our efforts and inculcate a sense of responsibility; sense of ownership; sense of patriotism and sense of nationalism particularly among young people.

“As members of the National Assembly, we sincerely welcome you to the parliament. I want to urge you that during your deliberations and dealing in your capacity as members of the National Youth Parliament (NYP) and of course as citizens of the country, to always uphold the mantra of sincerity, commitment, devotion to duty,” he said while deputising for the speaker of the National Assembly during the first ordinary session of the NYP members in the year 2022.

Seedy Njie further tells members of the National Youth Parliament: “You must know that this country belongs to all of us. Therefore, your contribution, my contribution and his or her contribution collectively, we will move this country from where it is to a level of which our sons and daughters will have a country of economic prosperity, development and attainment of the aspirations of the Gambian people.”

“I want to assure you of our commitment to building The Gambia for all of us. The leadership and the government of President Barrow are committed to embolden and broaden the democratic dispensation of this country, where all of us as citizens irrespective of our political affiliation, our political differences, regional or ethnical background will be equal to the services of this country.”

President Barrow, he added, is committed to building the country for all of us to enjoy. “I enjoin all of you to be responsible, to be disciplined and to continue to search for knowledge. In doing so, you will be able to take leadership today but not tomorrow. We have young people as cabinet ministers and others at senior and management level of this country.”

He assured the NYP members of the National Assembly of the government’s unwavering commitment to supporting the welfare of the NYP and youths of this country, adding that the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports is committed to helping and bringing in policies that are targeted at uplifting young people of this country.

“Many are saying that the youth are the future of this country. But I am among the people that dispute that fact because the youths are the leaders of today and tomorrow. It is until we think that way; we will not be able to commit ourselves to the daunting challenges that lay ahead of us. As a government and as a people, we must be committed to that course because once you have a highly trained and skilful youthful population; you are assured of a responsible and responsive adulthood who will serve the purpose of humanity. It is against this background that the leadership of the National Assembly over the last two decades committed to supporting and helping the NYP.”

“As young parliamentarians, your role is to learn how parliament make laws and of course debate their processes and procedures that will help to mould you and shape you so that when you assume leadership at the national assembly, you will be on the right footing and would have gathered enough experience and training on how you will discharge the affairs of the National Assembly of The Gambia,” he posited.