Monday, March 27

Diabetes, hypertension others causes Chronic Kidney Disease-says Dr Jagne

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By: Nyima Sillah

The Deputy Chief Medical Director at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Dr. Abubacarr Jagne has outlined factors   that can lead to chronic kidney disease.

In an interview with this medium, Dr Jagne outlined factors such as diabetes, sickle cell, and hypertension as the main push factors of the problem.

According to him the reason why kidney disease is surging worldwide is that the diseases that cause kidney diseases are also on the rise like hypertension, diabetes, and sickle cell.

However, he added that heart diseases have not been very frequent in the past but now have become very frequent due to change of lifestyle.

 “Kidney disease is a difficult thing to handle even in even the best of places. If you have kidney disease it reduces your life expectancy and even with the best of care your tendency to die is by 25%. So, the best way is to prevent it.”

Deputy Chief Medical Director continued to explain that because of poor socio-economic status and difficulties in attaining care in the Gambia, “We just need to bear an emphasis of prevention which is making sure that people are diagnosed early if they do they need to be  counseled and monitored to avoid them getting to any stage.”

Dr. Jagne further revealed that there are no age restrictions to Kidney diseases but often you find out that Chronic kidney diseases tend to be more in adults but Acute Kidney injuries can affect any age group.