Thursday, September 29

Dire situation of food, nutritional insecurity facing Gambia exacerbated

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The National disaster Management Agency of The Gambia has warned that the already dire situation of food and nutrition insecurity in The Gambia has been worsened.
The agency enumerated the recent foods which caused massive inundation across the country as the main cause of the situation.

“These recent flash floods have exacerbated the already dire situation of food and nutrition insecurity facing a greater population in the Gambia.

The food and nutrition insecurity as a result of the flash floods compounds the existing challenges caused by the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, poor harvest, the 2021 devastating windstorms, Covid-19, high food prices, increase in fuel and transportation cost etc.

Women, Children and the elderly are at a greater risk of food and nutrition insecurity with potentially devastating consequences.

Hence, to prevent a serious food and nutritional catastrophe, the agency has come up with various recommendations and suggestion on immediate needs. The agency has suggested that there is a need for food assistance to affected populations, shelter support and temporal relocation of affected families, water and hygiene support, environmental assessment of affected water bodies.

Moreover, they have also recommended the need for health surveillance across the country for possible disease outbreak. The agency has also suggested the need for the provision of non-food items including mattresses, buckets, cooking utensils, bed nets, detergents, sanitary pads, cloths, mat, bed linens, family tents etc.

They have also recommended the conduct of a detailed multisectoral assessment initiative as well.