Friday, December 8

Director testifies on inapt financial transactions at BsAC

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Asked why Muhammed Jawneh, procurement officer of BsAC, would draw cheques for a total of D1,370,254 to his name, he replied that it was done without his notice. But he later confirmed that on 30 July, there was a D5,000 withdrawal at Supersonic in Jawneh’s name. He said further that the D9,000 withdrawal on 6 August 2021 was effected in his name as well as the D2,000 withdrawal at Supersonics. He added that on 21 January, he noted that Muhammeh Jawneh withdrew D157,993.82 and in April 2021, deposited D533,000. He said that on 27 May 2021, D163,000 was also deposited and D900 while the D66,000 deposit was made on 29 May 2021.  

Asked the reason for the procurement officer dealing with withdrawal and deposit, he testified: “This must be salary time, because you can see 27 and 29 on the dates. Ndaba Krubally is responsible for carrying out transactions, but if Jawneh is free, he steps in. He has no business for the accounts. It would be unlawful to make deposits and withdrawals amounting to D1,274, 090 without following due process.”

On why cheque withdrawals were constantly made in the name of Ndaba Krubally, the witness disclosed that he is the cashier.

On modalities or rules governing how they would pay a contractor or suppliers, he said the procedure was to do fund transfers in the name of the supplier.

The witness would continue to testify at the commission.