Saturday, May 27

Discontent and impatience are greater problems of Gambians, says Sulayman Sawaneh

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By Yunus S Saliu

A Gambia Denmark-based philanthropist has identified discontent and impatience as part of the major problems of Gambians while urging people to always involve in what can make them happy and be patient in any situation.

For a better development of the country, Sulayman Junkung Sawaneh emphasized the need for Gambians to take ownership of the country and “avoid some adversary statements and be of a good attitude.”

Sulayman Junkung Sawaneh speaking to this medium via telephone advised that “we should try to be patient with one another and be contented within ourselves, in our homes and neighborhood rather than doing everything to become famous by force or engaging in unnecessary battling for positions.”

There is no need, he expressed, for anyone that wants to standout to seek position or fame with force instead “you should do things that will make you standout to get to stardom.”

As the local government election is due tomorrow, he called on various candidates vying for any of the positions in the local government, to be honest, God-fearing, and as well to keep to their promises if elected.

And “those that might lose in the election should summon the courage to accept defeat, congratulate the winners, and work with whoever emerges winners in the election for the betterment of our beloved country,” he pleaded.

Election, he continued, is not do or dies affair you might be a loser today with more effort in the future you can as well become a winner “because life is turn-by-turn.”