Tuesday, September 26

Disrupt TV celebrates season finale of StartUp Diaries

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Disrupt TV, a new YouTube channel for disruptors, innovators and change-makers in Africa on Friday celebrated its season finale of StartUp Diaries held at the Alliance Franchise.

The channel’s first-ever-series, StartUp Diaries, Season One, has come to a close while StartUp Diaries was created for new and existing Gambian Founders, in which the viewers said the show was “insightful, inspiring and brilliant”.

Since launching on May 3rd, 2022, Disrupt TV has published 10 episodes of StartUp Diaries and had 4.3K views, 230+ subscribers and 330+ hours watched.

Each episode has an in-depth interview with a Founder, sharing their journey and strategies. StartUp Diaries is aimed at viewers in The Gambia and the diaspora around the world.

The series is sponsored by PointClick Technologies, a cloud services providers operating across USA, Africa, Europe & Asia, with a base in The Gambia for the past four years. Disrupt TV is part of The Disruptive Lab, The Gambia’s first innovation and tech hub, which is fully funded by PointClick Technologies.

Series producer and CEO of PointClick Technologies Malik Khan, stated that building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem requires sharing and togetherness.

“That’s why we’ve launched Disrupt TV. Our first show, StartUp Diaries, is an exciting initiative for us, and we want it to inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs in both The Gambia and the diaspora.”

“Each featured Founder gives a lot of insight into the challenges and opportunities that Gambian organisations face, especially when starting. We hope that by starting this conversation, it encourages more startups in the country. PointClick Technologies is proud to be the sponsor of Season One.”

Sharing her experience of working with StartUp Diaries, Anna Ceesay, owner of Fabella Communications Consultancy, testified that she worked on Disrupt TV’s StartUp Diaries series as a communications consultant.

“The great thing about this show is that you get to see Gambian founders being honest about what it takes to build something from scratch. They’re incredibly inspiring to watch and I learned a lot from them. Gambia is a very entrepreneurial place and it’s an exciting time to start new ventures and organisations,” she stated.