Monday, March 27

DLEAG arrest Nigerian National over 11,000 Tablets of Ecstasy

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DLEAG operatives stationed in the West Coast Region took into custody a Nigerian National suspected to be involved in the dealing and trafficking of prohibited and controlled drugs.

35 years old Abuchi Godspower Nwanko of Sanchaba Sulay Jobe was clutched at his residence on the 6 February 2023 around 09:45 hours GMT Onwards with eleven thousand three hundred and forty (11,340) pills of ecstasy, a controlled drug. The estimated street value of the total quantities of drugs seized with him is said to be around three million nine hundred and sixty nine thousand Dalasis ( D 3,969,000.00).

“Ecstasy commonly referred to as Gaw Gaw or a quick fix in the streets is a highly potent psychoactive drug that causes confusion, anxiety, depression and a compulsive drug seeking behavior. The most dangerous aspect relates to abusers using such drugs that are without quality standards or in combination with other types of drugs. Such a behavior can result in immediate or permanent confusion or even loss of life.

“We therefore call on the public particularly to youth to value their lives and work on their future. Equally, we call on the public to remain alert and report suspicious criminal related activities to law enforcement operatives because we cannot be everywhere at all times. The suspect is currently in custody as operative’s further probe into the matter.”