Friday, December 8

DLEAG Confiscates 52 Blocks of Cocaine

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By: SandallySawo

Operatives of the Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) have seized 52 blocks of suspected cocaine at a warehouse around Jimpex, the State anti-narcotics agency announced on Thursday.

The seizure was reportedly effected on 29 September 2023, but it was only yesterday that DLEAG made a public announcement about it.

The agency said the 52 blocks were confiscated in a sting operation as the suspect was on their radar. 

“The suspect, who was under the radar of the Agency, was clutched while he was offloading two cartoons containing the said 52 blocks of suspected cocaine. Operatives also seized two detachable Benz trucks and a DODGE vehicle with registration number BJL 5985 X,” DLEAG reported.

The seized cocaine, according to DLEAG, belonged to one Bocar Hamet Sall.

Meanwhile, DLEAG said 104 blocks of cocaine were seized from two Bissau Guineans in July of this year.   

“50-year-old Adulai Seidi, who was the principal suspect in that matter, was arrested with 63 blocks of cocaine found in his car at Brusubi Police checkpoint,” the agency revealed.

“The vehicle is a Toyota RAV 4 with registration number KM 5352 E. A further search of his residence at Paradise Estate in old Yundum resulted in the seizure of another 35 blocks of cocaine and a cash amount of 4000 Euros as well as D 2950.00 suspected to be illicit proceeds of the trafficking and dealing in prohibited drugs,” it added.

The agency further reported that 37-year-old Ndey Jatta was arrested at a residence in Sanchaba Sulay Jobe with six blocks of cocaine. 

“They were both arraigned in court and were found guilty of the charges of dealing in and trafficking drugs. The court in sentencing them fined them twelve million dalasis (D 12,000,000.00) while the cash found with Seidi and his vehicle were forfeited to the State,” DLEAG stated.