Friday, March 24

Dodou Jah reacts to Jammeh’s purported letter to IEC

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By Adama Makasuba

Dodou Jah, the deputy spokesman for APRC, has described former President Yahya Jammeh’s letter to the Independent Electoral Commission to recognise the breakaway group would worsen the party’s internal problem.

“Whether Tombong is speaking with former president Jammeh? I don’t know, but I know some people have been working to mend their differences for a long time.

“However, it will be very difficult to reconcile between them because Jammeh wrote to the IEC requesting the commission to recognise Yaya Tamba and his people. I don’t think that will bring about reconciliation,” Jah said.

“For us, we didn’t see the crisis in the party because we are still on what we were at. We are pushing for our goals and we are respecting the laws of the party.

“Our stand is working towards going to a congress as IEC mandated and IEC has started writing to parties to inform them on which date and time and where they would hold their congress. They have given a deadline of 31st January 2023 for all parties to submit a written letter for their leaders. At this time, that’s our mission,” he added.

“That’s what they bang on, that they are real APRC, I have said this some time ago that the country has laws and what the law says is what we operate on. For reconciliation in this short period, to me, would be difficult because what should unite us, I don’t see that coming from them. What we hear from some forums is that we should go to them, we should abandon the alliance with Barrow, and agree that Yahya Jammeh is the party leader. And I don’t think these demands can be met,” he continued.