Friday, December 2

Dodou Jah Reveals Fabakay’s Nomination Surprised Many In APRC

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Dodou Jah
APRC Deputy Spokesperson

By Buba Gagigo

The Deputy spokesperson of the Alliance for Patriotic, Reorientation, and Construction (APRC) has revealed that Fabakay Tombong Jatta’s (FTJ) nomination as member of the 6th Legislature surprised many in APRC.

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He added that those surprised by Jatta’s nomination were expecting him to be appointed as the Vice President.

“Fabakay being nominated as Member of Parliament and finally as a speaker came to us as a surprise. Even when you go to APRC a lot of them were thinking that he will be the Vice President; and here it comes he is the speaker of the national assembly. I am saying we are not expecting much from the cabinet; it is up to the President, those that he trusts, those that he feels can serve. He is the one to make that choice, but not APRC, or any other Party. Maybe, one or two positions, it could be more than that, but it could be even less than that, but it can even be none, the prerogative is with the President,” he told Kerr Fatou on Thursday after witnessing the swearing-in of the newly elected National Assembly Members in Banjul.

The Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) were only able to secure two seats in the just concluded parliamentary election but their leader Fabakay Tombong Jatta was nominated as member of the parliament and subsequently voted as the new speaker, alongside former APRC supporter Seedy Njie, as his deputy on Thursday.