Wednesday, November 29

Dominic Mendy Resigns as National President of CA Party

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Dominic Mendy, National President of the Citizens Alliance (CA) party on Saturday, July, 16th, 2022, tendered his resignation letter to the leadership of the CA thus notifying the public of his new move.

In his resignation letter, Mendy who has been spearheading the formation and development of the party said his decision is anchored on a lack of trust among the party leaders and hence he thought it wise to resign from the position of National President of the party.

“After thoughtful reflection of the problems of trust that our party is going through, coming mainly from the fact that as a party we have deviated from our values, I am convinced that continuing to be a member of this institution in the false sense of a value system, is an act of dishonesty to members of the party and the general public,” Dominic Mendy outlined in his resignation letter to CA.

He added: “Given, therefore, my inability to live what I am not as is already revealed in the conduct of the party. I wish by this letter to convey to you the general party membership and the public of my resignation from the national executive and membership of the party.” The former Minister of Finance said he is optimistic that his decision to resign from the party will instill a sense of honesty in the party that many young people are associating with while praying for abundant blessing for the country and his resolve to render national duties intact.