Tuesday, May 30

Dou Sanno criticizes Bensouda, questions Tax payers money

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By: Binta JaitehDou Sanno, Presidential Political adviser criticized Mayor Talib Bensouda’s and questioned him on the tax payer’s money.

Urged Talib Ahmed Bensouda Mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) to detail out his developments before vying for second term in office adding that Talib should go out and let Bakary Badjie into office.

Speaking to journalists at the Independent Electoral Commission nomination ground, Dou Sanno said “The tax that the electorates pay if you estimate it since Talib took office up to date annually is over D350 Million and if you calculate it is more than a billion.

“People gave him to administrate the council he could not do anything rather than planting flowers between Jimpex and Kanifing. We want Talib to tell us where the funds went and the development because people gave him the votes expects him to deliver.”

He argued that in the raining season markets and roads cannot be accessible, adding Bakary is responsible and if he is voted into office, he is going to deliver and do a lot of changes.

However, he added Bakary Badgie knows all the problems of KMC, the rules and regulations of the council, and has contested before being the minister of Youths and Sports under an Independent candidate.

He assured that under the leadership of Bakary Badgie, changes will happen but giving it to opposition they will feed their party without the people gaining anything “I can tell you the amount of funds he invest in council is more than what he invest in the Youth and Sports sector.

“We have the trust and believe that he (Bakary Badgie) can rule. Politics is all about exchange of ideas not fighting each other.”

He therefore advice  people to maintain peace in the country, adding you can lead today,  tomorrow  someone else will lead and their priority should be development not mismanagement.