Tuesday, June 6

“Dou Sanno Is An Embarrassment & Disgrace To Gambian Politics”-GDC Admin Secretary 

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By Buba Gagigo

As the war of words continues between the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) and presidential political adviser Dou Sannoh, Ebrima Nyang, the Gambia Democratic Congress Admin Secretary has described Dou Sannoh as an embarrassment and disgrace to Gambian politics.

“I have listened to the audio of Dou Sannoh claiming that the people of Jimara rejected GDC and that our campaign team should not have been there. Dou Sannoh will never take a break from uttering lies against the opposition parties. He lied against the Alkalo of Sare Talata and his bogus statement was debunked by the Alkalo.

“Dou Sannoh is an embarrassment and disgrace to Gambian politics because he has no moral authority to preach honesty in our politics. Dou was the anchored of lies against Hon. Kandeh during the Parliamentary Election just to stain him with no substantive evidence. He claimed GDC is rejected in Jimara, when the reason for going to Jimara with the company of the Chief is because of high fear of losing the seat to GDC again,” Mr Nyang said

Mr. Nyang said that such actions by president Adama Barrow’s Political Adviser is one of the reasons they continue to reject the leadership of the current Government.

“We are dignified people whose actions can be measured with our words, and that’s why until today we continue to reject Barrow’s government due to bad leadership and worthless adviser like you. The daily insult we are facing as Gambians is having you with no understanding both in written or oral to advise our President. We have been calling for foreigners to distance themselves from our politics, and that shall never change.

“Dou is nothing but a coward, as he ran to McCarthy after the tussle with the GDC campaign team. As a party, we would continue to defend our people and candidates at all cost, and no amount of threat will be considered from a toothless lion like you. We are fortunate that we can read and understand what our campaign itinerary entailed, and you are very disadvantage to comprehend anything in black and white. As I write to express my disappointment and embarrassment to you, I want to profoundly warn you that whatever we can do within the limit of the law will be done and nothing can stop it,” he said.

Mr. Nyang also said he was shocked to hear from the Alkalo’s (Sare Talata Alkalo) attestation that he doesn’t know you when your village is just next door.

“This simply explains your lack of interest in the people of Jimara and more of a reason why the NPP should be rejected nationwide. I call on the people of Jimara to do the right thing in this election to re-elect Ebrima Manneh again for a continued development. The people of Jimara are holding important positions in the Barrow’s government and what have you realized from it, nothing,” he said.

He said the interest of the NPP is to secure People’s votes in every election for their continue ‘flamboyant’ lifestyle, while people continue to live a very terrible life.

“Hon. Mamma Kandeh is an honest and principle leader and has Gambia at heart. He has shared every little thing with Gambians to contribute his quota. Unlike, those with their mouths only to spread garbage to mislead the public. The time is now to give power to the opposition, as the past 7 years have been marked with profound regrets,” he concluded.