Tuesday, December 5

Dou Sannoh Asked ‘Biased’ Public Officials To Resigned 

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Dou Sannoh, Political Adviser to President Barrow
By Buba Gagigo

Dou Sannoh, Political Adviser to President Adama Barrow, has called on what he termed “biased” public officials to resign.

Sannoh emphasized the importance of impartiality in all sectors of the government, emphasizing that those failing to uphold equality should consider resigning voluntarily. He reminded officials that they serve the country and not just the president, and President Barrow is closely monitoring the conduct of his team.

“President Barrow is the president today. If you are working in his government, if you don’t bring equality, you should not be biased. I am referring to all sectors, not only one sector. If you are biased, you should try and resign because it is not a force on you. You swore when you were taking the job, and you are not working for President Barrow but the country. But President Barrow will also observe the people that are working under him,” he said.

Sannoh acknowledged that identifying responsible parties for issues within the government can be challenging, cautioning against hasty accusations. He assured the public that President Barrow is aware of the complaints and is diligently observing the situation. Sannoh attributed challenges to individuals deviating from their sworn duty to serve citizens according to their commitments, emphasizing the president’s commitment to ensuring peace in the country.

“You may point to someone while it is not that person, it may be the person you left behind. It has happened again and again and people have seen them, that’s why President Barrow is taking his time to observe. I just want to assure you that President Barrow is aware of all the complaints going around. You put him there, and he will listen to you Gambians. So everything that is not going right is mixed up by the workers who swore to the Quran that they will do things rightly for the citizens, and they are the people bending but if your waist is not long you should stop bending. President Barrow wants only peace in the country, which is why a lot of things are easy, but that is not to say he’s afraid. I will tell Gambians, all that is said, I plead to you to be patient. We will get what we want as far as we are on the right path,” he said.

As a fervent supporter of the president’s National People’s Party (NPP), Dou Sannoh concluded by urging Gambians to exercise patience and remain on the right path, assuring them that their concerns will be addressed in due course.