Thursday, September 21

Downpour affects Dippakunda ’Farokono’ neighborhood

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By Binta Jaiteh

The weekend downpour has seriously affected the residents of Dippakunda “Farokono” and annually the rainy season always causes loss as it comes with many challenges.

Among the residents of the area who spoke with this medium after the weekend downpour, Aji Fatou Good, who was affected by the flood, revealed that she has lived in the neighborhood with her husband and their two children for over fifteen (15) years in a cramped room which she complained to be heavily flooded during the downpour.

Amongst the constraints faced, she said her husband had to rent that house because they could not afford to rent expensive houses and that despite their condition with problems faced during the rainy season, they still pay the house rent at D1,000 per month which is a huge challenge to them. She added that due to their poor condition, their kids are not able to go to school.

“When is about to rain, I always pray to the Almighty Allah to save us from disaster. I am tired and the worst part is that our roof is in a bad condition. We had to face this challenge each time it rains and we are still coping with the situation till we will have a better alternative,” she explained.

Musa Drammeh is another resident of the area he too also explained his situation which is serious too due to the heavy rain which has led to the collapse of his building. He added that they cannot cook as their kitchen was also affected.

“When it rains heavily, the water will enter the well and it will be filled with dirty materials. We are seriously suffering; we even want the Government to help us build a bridge through the way that leads to the Farokono so that at least the water can pass through under that bridge without it entering compounds. We appreciate the fact that machines are brought to the Faro area to reduce the flood,” he appreciated.

Jankey Sanneh, also a resident of Dippakunda “Farokono” said it always floods everywhere when it rain and to cook they have to place bricks on the ground so that they will be able to cook for the family as the kitchen is overtaken by the floods.

“Every year people come here to ask about our living conditions and in the end, we will not see an impact. I don’t blame anyone but we really need assistance from the people and also the government. However, she noted that ‘’ I lived here since my childhood, and all my kids were born in Dippa Kunda, but the rain has affected us badly in our compound,” she said.