Saturday, September 30

Dr Ceesay raises Concern over Public Sharing Pictures of Crime Scenes

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The leader of Citizens’ Alliance party has expressed a worrying concern about public sharing pictures of murder crimes on social media, as he said it destroys evidences.

Dr Ismaila Ceesay was speaking at his party’s monthly press conference, which seeks to highlight key national issues and proffer ways to solving some of the problems.

The top University lecturer turn-politician urged the public to desist from sharing pictures of crimes and murder pictures on social media, it makes the work of the police complicate because it destroys the evidences.

“I think also society has a key role to play in solving crimes in this country even though every citizen has a role to play. But it is not right when citizens encroach murder scenes or crime scenes and start taking pictures and sharing them on WhatsApp (social media) thereby destroying evidence is serious,” he told a group of reporters.

He continued to advice the public to “let professionals (police officers) deal with their job especially crime-related matters in the country.

His call comes as the country experience a rise in crimes, which some resulted in gruesome killing and some of those crime pictures were widely shared on social media.

Meanwhile, he called on the government to heavily invest in the national security especially in The Gambia Police Force who are responsible for maintain internal peace and order.

According to him, one of the ways to eradicate crimes in the country is that youths must be engaged with skills and training to ensure they are employed.

“To engage the young people, we need to provide skills and training and jobs, this is key, this is one of the ways in which we can fight crimes,” in the society, he said.