Tuesday, October 4

Dr. Tangara calls on ECOWAS states to domesticate, implement regional protocols

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad Momodou Tangara says ECOWAS member countries must domesticate and implement ECOWAS protocols.
The top Gambian diplomat put particular emphasis on the free movement of persons, goods and services to avail the people of the region to harness the benefits the protocol aims to achieve.

The foreign minister stressed the need to domesticate the various protocols to promote peace in the midst of instability in the region.

Tangara was speaking at the opening ceremony of ECOWAS Parliament’s Delocalized Meeting of the Joint Committee on Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Social Affairs, Gender and Women Empowerment at the Sir Dawda International Conference Centre in Bijilo.

“ Member States must now give full support to the domestication and implementation of all legal instruments relative to the free movement of persons, goods and services as well as other protocols aimed at inching the great people of ECOWAS closer to the ideals of political peace, social progress and economic affluence, Mr. Tangara said.

Amid the rise in conflicts and instability in the region, Minister Tangara is of the view that domesticating and implementing the ECOWAS protocols would be significant to mitigating some of these problems.

He said: “In the midst of an unprecedented spiraling instability and insecurity and destabilising factors, the domestication, harmonisation and implementation of regional texts must be the urgent task at hand.

These texts are pivotal in the regular and peaceful course and trajectories of our countries and decisive in keeping our domestic and regional affairs adjusted to shifting world conditions and international standards,” he added.

“I hope we will continue the momentum generated at all sessions and go out strong with a renewed sense of commitment in our quest for the best for our nations and our peoples.

“As I always say, we are a community with a history of common conviction and a spirit of purpose.”

ECOWAS over the years has drafted some very good laws that aim to promote socio-economic development of the people, peace and prosperity.

However, the low level of domestication of these protocols into national legislations remains a stumbling block.