Monday, October 2

Drivers Appealed for Fast track of Road Construction

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By: Musa O Bah

Drivers plying the Bundung highway have appealed to the Minister of Transportation to fast-track the diversion road construction to ease transportation issues in that area.

In an exclusive with The Voice on Tuesday, the chief driver Badu Jatta at Bundung SerreKunda garage said they are facing many challenges since the construction of the main highway causing damages to many car using the road on a daily basis forcing many drivers to abandon the road.

“We are appealing to the Minister of Transportation to help us with roads so that we can use the main highway without any difficulties,” he appealed.

Another chief driver, Bai Jeng, narrated that they are paying for the license, insurance, and driver’s license every year so at least the government should assist them with good roads.

“The government should watch out and help us find a good road. We know that the government is working, but still, there’s room for improvement in our situation. They should come to our aid,’ he noted.

Adding her voice was Salimatou Mballow, a passenger, also expressed similar frustration and appealed to the authorities to help them address the situation in order to continue their normal business as usual

“We are calling on the minister of transportation to help us. He is the one that should look at our challenges because he is the one responsible for transportation,” she said.