Tuesday, December 5

Drivers bemoan high cost of tickets at Senegambia Bridge

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However, the drivers also lamented hindrance caused by buses from Senegal, which affects their work.

Ebrima Sambou, the head man at Soma-Farafenni garage, said: “The garage is an important one in the country as many people from different countries go  through the garage as they head to their final destination.”

“However, the drivers using the route complained of high cost of tickets at the Senegambia bridge which connects the North and South Bank of the country,” he said.

Mr Sambou also disclosed that they discipline drivers who violate the rules and regulations of the garage.

He thus calls on the Government of The Gambia through the Ministry of Works Transport and Infrastructure to help them reduce the cost of the tickets at the Senegambia  bridge crossing point because “it is affecting the business of the drivers”.

Omar Camara, a taxi driver who spoke on behalf of his fellow drivers, also called on the Gambia government to look into the matter as “it is really affecting” their daily earning.

Mr Camara emphasised that most drivers across the country complain about the transport system in The Gambia.

“Every garage has its own issues but Soma-Farafenni garage’s main challenge is mainly   high cost of tickets at the Senegambia bridge,” he said, adding: “We hope the Gambia government will listen to our cry.”