Wednesday, February 8

Drivers say Continuous fuel hike cause fares increment

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By: Sainabou Sanneh

Despite that, some commercial drivers are happy and enjoying the new increment on the transport fare as introduced by the Ministry of Transport, still, some of the drivers in the Greater Banjul Area are lamenting that the fuel hike is responsible.

Monitoring the situation on Monday, this reporter sampled the opinion of some drivers regarding the issue in the Greater Banjul Area.

Speaking to The Voice newspaper, Alagie Bah, a van driver, said the increment in fare is an advantage to them because gas oil has increased drastically. “I am not against it, hence, the idea was not from us, and I hope passengers will understand that the recent fare increment is due to the cost of gas oil (fuel).

“We are also having family and those people are expecting something from us so it will be difficult to drive the whole day without something for the family. We manage the little income and solve our business with other engagements,” he divulged.

He wants the passengers to understand that the country is in a difficult stage and everyone is trying to survive.

Another driver, Yankuba Jallow, said some of the passengers lack understanding, and it is difficult to handle them because most of them are not willing to accept the new tariff.

“Issue of fare increment will cause a problem between the drivers and passengers. The worry of the drivers is the hike in gas oil, and it is causing a lot of difficulties for them.

Jallow, therefore, urged the government to assist the drivers with the fuel issue and he also pleaded to the passengers to avoid conflict with drives.