Saturday, April 1

Drivers Vow to Embark on Sit -down strike today

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By Binta Jaiteh

Gambian drivers have vowed to embark on a sit-down strike due to the high cost of fuel and the failure of the government to address the situation of the drivers considering the poor status of the country.

Speaking to some of the drivers at different garages Alhasan Sowe at Sukuta garage said they are embarking on a sit-down strike today because the government failed to address their situation.

He said this issue has been going on and whenever they try to have the sit-down strike they come up with a press release regarding the fuel issue, “but this time it will be different we are in solidarity and all drivers are going to abide.”

According to him, he said the cost of fuel in this county is getting high always and the government is not doing anything regarding the issue.

“We also have our families who depend on us for feeding and we cannot continue working without any profit what is the use of working the whole day without saving,” he said

He stressed that it seems that drivers are working for the owners of the petrol stations as their money always goes straight to the petrol stations.

Malang Faye another driver also lamented that he has been working as a driver for many years now but this year the way they are adding to the price of the fuel is an issue.

According to him, he said drivers are facing a lot of challenges and they have been enduring the pain for so long but have to stop.

Sainey Manneh among other drivers shared similar sentiments