Monday, June 5

Ebrima Jawo withdraws from Mayoral Election 2023 race

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By Yunus S Saliu

The PPP Mayoral aspirant for the upcoming local government election due in May 2023, Mr. Ebrima Jawo of Sam Jack Terrace, Banjul has withdrawn his interest in contesting in the upcoming Banjul Mayoral elections as a candidate under the PPP ticket.

Ebrima Jawo, in his letter dated 19th April 2023, wrote that his withdrawal “follows a series of consultations with members of the “DeKali Banjul” team, family, friends, and well-wishers, in line with negotiations entered into with members of the NPP, and some senior elders of Banjul.” 

Given the above reason, he expressed that “It is important to state our continued interest in building Banjul and giving it the facelift and glory it so deserves.” The withdrawal aspirant, therefore, expressed his heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the PPP “for their trust in me and all those that encouraged and supported us thus far and it is wise to note our concerns for our great Island City is something the DeKali Banjul team shall work tirelessly in bringing to fruition.”