Tuesday, October 3

ECOWAS Community Citizens call on African leaders to respect 2-term mandate

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During the conference, they called for the reform of the additional ECOWAS protocol before the end of 2023. It also observed that the two-term limit be an irrefutable and integral provision, intangible principle of governance in order to restore and consolidate democracy in West Africa.

The meeting also asked West African leaders to make a solemn appeal to the entire West African Community to make the core of VISION 2050 a reality and to have a fully integrated community of people in a peaceful, prosperous region with strong institutions that respect fundamental freedoms.

The ECOWAS Community Citizens is an Organization drawn from Civil Society Movements and Organisations, the Private Sector, Political Parties, Trade, Labour Unions, Religious movements, Women and Youth Associations from all parts of West Africa.

Speaking at the Conference, Professor Ekuoue David Dosseh, the Coordinator of TLP Togo and the Front Citoyen, observed that after the wave of democratization in the 90s that raised a lot of hope, west African region is still undergoing a “real decline.”

He further said that the region is increasingly confronted with an erosion of individual and collective freedoms in a context of “growing instability” in relation to recurrent socio-political crises and violent extremism, adding that the alarming situation led them to address the ECOWAS Commission.

Prof Dosseh further indicated that in West Africa, the desire for tenure elongation is increasingly marked among incumbents and democratic alternation is an increasingly distant prospect in many countries.

“Despite this reality, in Togo, the president is currently exercising his 4th term and will achieve 20 years of power,” he pointed out. “In Côte d’Ivoire, the president is exercising his 3rd term and will achieve 15 years as the head of the state.”

He also made reference to Guinea Conakry and Senegal among others.

For his part Alioune Tine, the founder of D’Afrikajom Center, Senegal noted that there is a link between governance, rule of law and security crisis. He noted that all these crises lead to coup in ECOWAS Community and that they should all rethink about solving the problem in West Africa.

Mr Tine further called on all CSO’s, ECOWAS leaders and the media to work towards ensuring that coups become history in West Africa.