Thursday, September 21

EFANet holds annual GA 2020

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By Olimatou Coker

Education For All Campaign Network (EFANet) has recently held its annual general assembly and the election of the new board of directors for 2020-2023 held at Baobab Holiday Resort.

The general assembly is held every 3 years to elect a new board of directors and it also serves as a presentation of program activities and financial reports.

Speaking, John Charles Mendy, the moderator of the event, said the general assembly is a family meeting where the family can brief on the activities that have gone over a period and also to have a frank talk as family members.

Kalipha Jabbie, President of Education of Students Association (EDUSA), said this task is not only a manifestation of trust and confidence EFANet has in EDUSA but recognition of their roles and contribution in the expedition to attain their objectives.

He stated that EDUSA is a sub-association at the University of The Gambia that comprises students undergoing an undergraduate degree program under the faculty of education to either be trained as teachers or upgrade their status as qualified teachers from the Gambia College. The primary objective of the association is to engage in academic, researches, and debates.

“I wish to reaffirm EDUSA’s undiluted assurance to continue the spirit of working hand in glove with EFANet as per their vision to realize quality education for all in the Gambia by 2030 and transforming the network into a strong education lobby group and in the attainment of their mission to build an informed and skilled network of civil society organizations to achieve a coordinated and credible advocate for the right of all to quality education by 2030,” he explained.

He added that EDUSA might not have the financial wherewithal but they have human resources and expertise to be integral components of this crusade. “We are ready to work with different organs of the secretariat and under any condition to ensure timely delivery of quality and relevant education”.

Also speaking, Bakary Badjie, Board Chairperson of EFANet, said EFANet as a national education coalition held its general assembly once every three years to take stock of its successes and challenges on its advocacy programs and activities as well as to elect a new board of directors who will steer the affairs of the network for the next three years.

“The conduct of this general assembly is a fulfillment of a constitutional requirement and it is in line with EFANet’s mandate which is to ensure that the right of every child to education is respected, protected and fulfilled”.

Chairperson Badjie stated that EFANet, being the national education coalition, remains vibrant and still growing from strengthen to strengthen while saying that EFANet has achieved a major milestone in increasing its membership at the regional level.

The Board of Directors of the network, who will serve as an oversight body and steer the affairs of the coalition for three consecutive years, comprises the following positions; Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Treasurer.

The newly elected Vice-Chairperson for EFANet, Agi Awa Sillah, promised to give her full support to the board chair and promote the education network to a higher height.

Madam Sillah said she will make education advocacy her priority to ensure it is brought to the doorstep of every child.

“I will liaise with every board member so that we achieve the EFANet goals,” she said.

Lamin Jawara, new Treasurer for EFANet, said he has been a volunteer throughout his career and that hence EFANet is an advocacy group, the function of the treasurer will be very key.

“I believe in teamwork and I promise by the end of our term in office, you will see the standard move from one level to the other,” he assured.

Meanwhile, Jawara said he will support the secretariat to ensure the education of every child is protected and respected.

Kebba Omar Jarjusey, EFANet National Coordinator, said the General Assembly marked a milestone for the education network and it was a great achievement.

He said he does not doubt that the people tasked with the work will live up to expectation, adding that they are people with high integrity and commitment.

Jarjusey shared his confidence that the new board will take the education network to another level and work towards the attainment of SDG 4 (Education for All).