Wednesday, November 30

Elite Utd Coach says victory over Real continue their survival mission

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By Arfang M.S. Camara

Yahya Manneh, head coach of Elite United said their victory over Real de Banjul means they are continuing their team’s mission for survival in the league.

Coach Yahya Manneh was speaking in an interview with the Voice Sports, after his team Elite United defeated Real de Banjul 1-0 during the week-16 late game played at the Independence Stadium in Bakau on Saturday.

The struggling side, Elite United scored the game’s only goal through their defender Mbye Faye’s wonderful header from a set-piece in the 36th minute of the first half.

“We are on a mission which is yet to be accomplished. But we are very much delighted with the three points we collected against Real de Banjul. It is a means of survival for us,” said Coach Manneh.

Coach Manneh whose team (Elite United) sits in rock-bottom-(16th) position with 13 points, added that it is a massive point for them, noting that they did not take it too much of a burden on them.

“We know we have the quality of players in the team. So coming into the game we have our calculation on how we are going to remove ourselves from the game.”

According to him, their next five games are for survival, adding that from there they will have another plan towards the end of the season.

“Ultimately our desire is to finish in the top three of the league.”

Bye Malleh Wadda, head coach of Real de Banjul said that his team did not play well in the first half, adding that, they tried to come back in the second half but could not make it.

“Sometimes that’s the psychology of the game because teams can feel they are so much better. They come and they do not deliver. The other team gets a chance, scores and it becomes difficult to pick yourself up again. I think that’s what happened.”

Real de Banjul who conceded their third defeat of the season, at the time writing this story maintained top position with 29th points after 16 games.