Friday, September 29

eLMIS will increase accountability at all levels, DPS B Sabally assures –

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By Yunus S Saliu

The Deputy Permanent Secretary Technical at the Ministry of Health has assured that the Electronic Logistic Management Information System (eLMIS) will increase accountability at all levels.

Babanding Sabally made this assurance yesterday while presiding over the opening of a two-day of eLMIS sensitization workshop teams held at the Sir Dawda Kairaba JawaraInternational Conference Center, Bijilo.

Outlining the impacts of the eLMIS he said one of the most important decisions made on daily bases can be improved by using the system.   

“First and foremost the data quality will be assured when it comes to logistic management, and we are assured that we will have accurate data from all levels, in terms of drug shortage this system will eliminate that in terms of submitting requests late from the regional level to central level and from the health facilities to regional levels the turnaround time between the request and fulfilling request will be much shorter. Thereby reducing the length of stockout in our health facilities, this is one of the biggest positive impacts of the system,” he explained.

And more so, he said “This system will increase accountability at all levels thus the system will help to track all transactions and with electronic logistic management system it will create visibility within the supply chain as it will allow monitoring the stock movement and balance. All these will translate into ensuring that the supply chain managers proactively react to the situation. Also, it will ensure that stockout situations are managed or, completely eliminated as we move on to the next level of our transition to address the national insurance health scheme.”

According to him, the Central Medical Store staff will be empowered now to monitor the whole supply chain and proactively react as to when to place an order so that the issue of stock out will be history in this country.

On behalf of the Ministry and Gambians, he thanked their donor partners which include Global Fund, the Government of the Gambia, World Bank among others for providing financial support and also the supplier of the software and among others.

At the opening of the workshop, Dr Sam Mills of the World Bank Task Team Leader, Bai Cham, the Country Coordinating Mechanisms of the Global Funds among others delivered comprehensive speeches at the opening.

However, Electronic Logistic Management Information System (eLMIS) is an innovative system designed to streamline logistics operations, enhance efficiency, and ultimately optimize the supply chain processes.