Tuesday, October 3

Encounter with Lion Heart Record

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a tour of African countries.

Recently, the group popped at The Standard to talk about their worldwide tour and plans through Charles Okoye, known as Moe Savage, a founder members and Harrison Etshede also called Lion Heart.

1). Tell us about your music group.

Our music group consists of two artists, a producer and the manager, we travel from countries to countries to promote our music worldwide.

2). Why the name Lion Heart?

The name Lion Heart was adopted given the fact that the team never gives up, and so far, it always achieves its goal no matter how difficult it might be. And also, I think our fans appreciate the name Lion Heart and they give us their maximum support.

3). Where is the origin of this group?

Nigeria and now residing in South Africa.

4). What music genres are you doing?

Hip-hop and Afro

5.Any well-known work or record of your group?

Yes, there are a few produced by Lion Heart Record including Ricoma with a song titled Lionheart, produced by Nas; Longtym sang, a song titled ileke produced by Lekelo. We have other works by Moe Savage and King Alpha and Danxil who sang trenches.

6). How many single you produced so far?

Over 20 singles and 15 features and currently working on our album.

7). How many music videos have you produced?

Over 15 music videos as well as features from other artists.

8). What is your purpose of visit in The Gambia?

Our purpose is to make our music go viral in the Gambia and also work with the Gambian artists as well and currently we are working Ydee.

9). What projects have you in the pipeline?

We are working towards having a concert here in The Gambia and also to feature Gambian artists.

10). What inspires your group to be musicians?

Music is in us. We just don’t want to be musicians, we are musicians from day one.

11). What are your fans expecting so far and how long?

They are expecting us to continue with our works and to give them more hit songs as usual. They can contact us lionheartrecordofficial@gmail.com or by instragam officiallionheartrecord

12). How many countries have you visited?

United Kingdom, Dubai, Kenya, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Cote di’voire.